Smart Urbanism: Imagining the futures of Bhopal

July 19 – 25, 2017

Grand Jury 25 July 2017 at ITPI M.P. Regional Chapter Auditorium, Bhopal


The term "Smart City" has been around since the 1990s, and while definitions and applications vary, common elements among them are that Smart Cities use information and technology to engage citizens, deliver city services, and enhance urban systems. The use of Smart City technologies results in cost efficiencies, resilient infrastructure, an improved urban experience and liveability of our cities. Summarized ‘Smart’ is being defined as providing basic infrastructure and services, resilient and attractive urban patterns, quick and transparent planning processes and new technologies. The Indian government will develop 100 Smart Cities in the next 15 years. The current urbanization level is around 31% accounting for 60% of India’s GDP. The urbanization level is expected to grow rapidly in the coming 15 years and hence the Indian Government developed an ambitious plan to develop plans for these ‘engines of economic growth’ using the latest principles for sustainable urban development and new technologies.
Thus, this year’s integral studio intends to look at the North TT Nagar of Bhopal through the smart city lens. The studio invites innovative design ideas for the future of North T T Nagar.
The City of Bhopal will embrace new technologies, focusing on smart-enablement, resilience and collaborative innovation, to create a city that is competitive, open, interconnected and intelligent. It will feature excellent connectivity using the latest communications technology and transport links, with significant capacity for growth due to its high quality, flexible buildings and infrastructure, with a distinctive character derived from its diverse mix of buildings, uses, streets, spaces and its outstanding heritage and culture. We are inviting submissions to a new ideas competition to provide a series of innovative solutions to some key problems across the theme of ‘Smart Cities’. Smart City area based development is perceived as an island based and detached from the surrounding urban fabric because of its introvert planning approach. The design ideas will intend to integrate the area based proposals with the character, structure and the ethos of the city of Bhopal.
Emphasis would be laid on the design moves to integrate the smart city development with the rest of the city especially the smart city edge and its interface with the city.


  •  To develop different imaginations of smart city concept of Bhopal
  •  To develop an understanding of how Area Based Development in smart city proposal can be integrated with the city- functionally, socially and aesthetically.
  •  To sensitize students to human aspects of smart city development and smart urbanism.


The studio is proposed to prepare various possible future visions of smart urbanism for city of Bhopal.
We are looking for ideas surrounding the theme of Smart Cities which are a combination of tangibles and intangibles that need to be put into the forefront as follows:

  • Mobility and Infrastructure : Integration of transport with land use, modal split , NMT and its integration with overall fabric, Interface with people.
  •  Built form and Density : Image, Architectural Form, Aesthetics and Quality of Life.
  • Inclusive Public Realm : Public realm, Green & Open space network, Inclusive spaces , Space for All, Informal Sector integration.
Student across semesters and programs will work on above mentioned themes to prepare visions of smart city Bhopal.