About Logo:
School of Planning and Architecture located in central India, in the city of lakes, Bhopal derives its logo from a semantic element of Malwa Architecture as the background. This inter-woven spiral water channel is in shape of sea-shell and symbolic of 'Mahadev' located in front of Nilkantha Mahadev Temple at Mandu, the capital of Malwa Sultanate. Devotees put flower at the inlet and pray for their wish fulfilment. The water channel depicts the path of struggle in the spirals and relief at the end with wish fulfilment. With the spiral channel as background, the logo uses stylized shape of letters S representing flame, P representing parachute and A representing wave- thus representing Agni, Vayu and Jal the elements of Architecture. The Sanskrit shloka at the bottom is the the code of conduct specified in the 'Samrangana Sutradhara’, which means, “An architect must be well versed not only in Architecture but also in allied subjects”. The complete composition is a welcoming sign for students of Architecture to come and gain knowledge of ‘shastras' of Architecture at School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal and pass out with flying colours.